Insurance Claim Management

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Damage Assessment Inspections

Just because your roof isn’t leaking (yet) or you are not aware of a problem doesn’t mean you don’t have one. Our damage assessment inspections regularly identify damage caused by a storm or weather event that is covered under your Homeowners Insurance policy. YES they will pay for the repair and often for full replacement of your roof!
Your insurance carrier isn’t going to come out and tell you if you have damage because it’s not their responsibility. That’s our job. We will identify the damage then help you through the claims process to get you all the money you need to properly repair or entirely replace your damaged roof and we help hundreds of clients every year do just that.

Insurance Claim Process

  • Amcat performs a Damage Assessment to determine if there is insurable damage and a claim is viable.  We use the same method and techniques as the insurance adjuster does.  We will photo document the damage and provide a written estimate using the same pricing tool the insurance companies use.  
  • Notify the Insurance Carrier of your claim either by phone or many have online options.  They will take your information and assign an adjuster and a claim number.
  • Typically, within 48hrs the Adjuster will contact you to schedule the appointment (if it wasn’t already done on the initial call).  We will then submit our Damage Assessment report, Photos and Exactimate Estimate to the adjuster for review before they arrive.  Currently due to Covid-19 safety protocols carriers prefer to limit exposure of their adjusters and allow thorough inspection reports to be used as their basis to approve or deny a claim.  We provide this information in the same format, using the same method and pricing as the adjuster would so they get all the information they need to make a decision.  If the carrier still wants to send an adjuster to confirm our report they will send someone out.
  • If the claim is Approved the carrier will notify you with a letter or email which typically contains a Loss Statement.  This is a document that explains the insurance claim process, gives contact information for the adjuster so you can communicate with them and provides a line itemed, detailed list of the damaged items that are to be repaired or replaced under the claim.  We will review the Loss Statement and ensure it is complete.  If we find a discrepancy either in the items to be fixed or the pricing, we can discuss it directly with the adjuster so you do not have to.  Insurance claims are fairly specialized in nature requiring training and experience.  We provide that expertise to make sure your claim covers everything it should leaving your out of pocket expense limited solely to your deductible.
  • Often included in this packet is your first check which if you have a mortgage will likely need to be sent off for signature as the Mortgagor has a vested interest in the property and wants to be notified that the property was damaged and a claim has been approved.  We will coordinate the processing of that as well.  
  • Next we finalize the details with you, choose materials, discuss desired upgrades, sign a contract and schedule the install. 
  • Once the install is complete we will document the completion and invoice your insurance carrier and will help you collect the remaining money being held by the insurance carrier.  You write us a check for the contracted amount and the job is complete.